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If you have pain in your back, legs, neck or arms, Chiropractic care along with non-surgical spinal decompression may help. It is a type of spinal traction therapy that an experienced chiropractor can perform. Dr. Janis Guthy - Chiropractor performs non-surgical spinal decompression in Campbell River. As a part of the process, the spine is stretched, and its position is manipulated to take pressure off spinal and nerves discs. This process aims to create negative pressure in discs that will help retract herniated or bulging discs. This then allows oxygen, water and other healing nutrient-rich substances into the disc.

Spinal Decompression Therapy


Non-surgical spinal decompression can relieve pressure on the spinal nerves caused by disc herniation, bulges and degenerative disc disease. It is helpful for conditions such as sciatica, facet syndrome, and spinal stenosis. Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy treats acute or chronic neck or low back pain associated with neurological symptoms. 

Dr. Janis Guthy is also a Certified Functional Work Capacity Evaluator Advanced (CWCE) and an American Board Certified SeniorDisability Analyst and Diplomate. She can effectively help with painless non-surgical spinal decompression. Call 250-287-3113 to book an appointment.

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Relieve your back, neck and leg pain with non-surgical spinal decompression treatment offered by Dr. Janis Guthy - Chiropractor.

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