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To learn more about work place and auto accident injuries and how Dr. Guthy can help. Call 250-287-2009 for more details.

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If you have been in an auto accident, you may visit Dr. Guthy for a Chiropractic or Counselling Assessment within the first 12 weeks of your injury date. You do not need a medical referral and Dr. Guthy can bill directly for your Chiropractic and or Counselling Care. Any Chiropractic and or Counselling treatments may be allowed up to 25 and 12, respectively. Dr. Guthy can assist you with further treatment needs if needed.


Psychological trauma can result in the inability to sleep soundly, anxiety, flashbacks or PTSD. Registered Clinical Counselling can help with accident-related traumas.


I Suffered Injuries in a Car Accident. What Should I Do? 

Once you have registered your claim, you will be given a number. Bring this claim number with you to your first appointment. Dr. Guthy will do the rest.


Is a Medical Doctor Referral Required for Me to Attend Chiropractic or Counselling after My Car Accident?

If you are able to complete 25 Chiropractic visits/ 12 Counselling Sessions, you will require a Medical Doctor’s referral after that.


If you do not visit Dr. Guthy prior to the first 12 weeks of your injury, then your case will need an extension submission for approval.


I Was Injured at Work. What Do I Need to Do? 

Report your injury to your Employer, who will file the necessary paperwork and get you a claim number.


You must also call Work Safe BC at 1888-967-5377 and report your claim.


If you continue working, you can also report your injury claim online. Log onto: 


Visit your Physician or consult online and let them know you were injured at work. Do this as soon as possible post the injury to get proper treatment.

Please remember to provide your claim number at the time of your appointment.

Is a Medical Doctor Referral Required for Me to Attend Chiropractic after My Workplace Injury?

You don't require a Medical Doctor’s referral to be seen by a Chiropractor. If your injury does not fall within the scope of Chiropractic, then consult your Medical Doctor for the proper referral.


How Much Coverage Will Work Safe BC Provide, and How Much Do I Have to Pay?

Usually, Approved Work Safe claims do not require any payment by the patient, and up to 8 weeks of treatment is allowed. Beyond 8 weeks, an extension will be needed from your Chiropractor.


Dr. Janis Guthy - Chiropractor bills directly to Medavie Blue Cross for Veterans Affairs and RCMP. This is the only time patients' insurance plans are billed directly.

Registering with Medavie Blue Cross means we receive direct reimbursement for services performed for qualified Veterans and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Dr. Janis Guthy helps veterans and police personnel live pain-free and healthy lives. Feel free to call for more details or a service.

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